BEST-CA instant adhesives

BEST - CA instant adhesives are one-component, solvent free adhesives based on an ester of the cyanoacrylate acid. BEST-CA instant adhesives cure at room temperature under the influence of humidity. The rate of cure depends on the ambient relative humidity. A relative humidity of 40 to 70% will lead to best results. Lower values may delay cure. Alkaline bonding surfaces will accelerate, whereas acidic bonding surfaces will delay bonding process. ...mehr


To achieve or optimize adequate bonding quality of adhesive products on bonding surfaces these areas need to be cleaned of oil, grease and other contaminants with BEST-Clean 2000. ...mehr

BEST-contact adhesive

Solvent-containing contact adhesive based on polychloroprene for bonding of PVC-floor coverings and PVC profiles, metals, plastics, ceramics, etc. ...mehr


BEST- UVA lamps for curing of UV-light curing adhesives and casting compounds on glass, synthetic materials and metals. For assembly and repair of synthetic materials with UV-light curing epoxies. ...mehr

BEST-KL UV-adhesives based on epoxy resin

BEST-KL UV-adhesives are one-component, modified adhesives based on cyclo-aliphatic epoxy resin. They cure at room temperature under exposure to UVA-light. BEST-KL adhesives are easy to dispense. No mixing of components necessary. ...mehr

BEST-MA two-component high-power adhesives

Two-component structural adhesive based on methylmethacrylate. The product features highest strength even on surfaces hard-to-bond. Available in syringes of 25ml and double cartridges of 50ml (dispenser gun necessary). ...mehr

BEST-MK anaerobic adhesives

BEST – MK anaerobic adhesives are anaerobic, one-component, liquid adhesives which cure by exclusion of oxygen and under the influence of metal ions. They are your first choice for the following fields of application: ...mehr

BEST-MK anaerobic/UV-lightcuring adhesives

BEST-MK anaerobic/UV-light curing adhesives are one-component, solvent-free, high strength and capillary adhesives based on di-methacrylic-ester. In addition to the anaerobic curing mechanism curing of the adhesive can be accelerated by exposure to light with a wave length of 320 nm to 500 nm (values may vary, please see the corresponding technical information). ...mehr

BEST-MK joining

Bonding of coaxial components with BEST-MK: ...mehr

BEST-MK pipe sealing

Sealing of threads with BEST-MK metal adhesives ...mehr

BEST-MK surface sealing

Surface sealing with BEST-MK ...mehr

BEST-MK threadlockers

Threaded connections are the most important detachable connections in the field of mechanical engineering, assembly and repair. Vibration and thermal expansion may loosen those threaded connections. BEST-thread lockers are a highly reliable and at the same time very cost-effective solution for this problem. BEST-thread lockers lock against vibration and thermal expansion and at the same time seal the threaded connection against corrosion and media and prevent leakage. Strength class and viscosity of the products are defined by if and how the threaded connections have to be disassembled again. ...mehr

BEST-MS polymers

Universal, waterproof mounting- and construction adhesive for bonding of natural stone, concrete, reflectors, plaster, polycarbonate, PSPU, PVC, various plastic materials, ceramic tiles, enamel, copper, lead, zinc, aluminum, stainless steel, wood, glass, etc. ...mehr

BEST-PL UV adhesives based on acrylate

BEST-PL UV-adhesives are UV- or lightcuring adhesives for bonding of glass, translucent synthetic materials among each other or with metals, ceramics and non-translucent synthetic materials. ...mehr


Silicons of high elasticity, good strength and high temperature resistance for bonding of glass, glazed ceramic materials, enamel, wood and metals. ...mehr

BEST-technical sprays

BEST-rust remover ...mehr

BEST-two-component epoxy-resin adhesives

Two-component all-purpose adhesives for bonding of a multitude of materials, such as metals, ceramics, glass, wood, rubber, hard plastics , etc. ...mehr

BEST-two-component liquid metal

BEST-Liquid Metal is a two-component epoxy-adhesive, suitable for bonding and filling of many materials including wood, metal, glass, ceramics, plastics and rubber. ...mehr

BEST-two-component polyurethanes

BEST-PU adhesives are two-component adhesives based on polyurethane. They cure at room-temperature and are suitable for structural bonding of thermosetting and thermoplastic materials, steel, aluminum, concrete, wood and glass. BEST-PU-adhesives feature very good adhesion, highest strength and good chemical resistance. The product-types range from rigid to semi-rigid and flexible types. ...mehr

BEST-two-component QuickMix

BEST-QUICK MIX 801 is a 2-component all-purpose adhesive for bonding of a multitude of materials, e.g. various metals, ceramics, glass, wood, rubber, hard plastics as well as most commonly used materials. The product is of medium viscosity with good flow ability. It is tough-elastic with high tensile shear strength. ...mehr

BEST-two-component structural adhesives

Please choose the BEST-two component product suitable for your application. ...mehr

BEST-UV adhesives

BEST-UV adhesives are solvent free, one-component adhesives featuring easy application and short cure time. Curable with UVA- and/or visible light. ...mehr

BEST-Uvirapid @en

BEST-Uvirapid 701 is an innovative, one-component, solvent free and low viscous UV-highspeed adhesive based on a modified acrylate-ester. ...mehr