Best-CA 422

low viscous, low odour, non-bloom, standard product for bonding of synthetic materials, e.g. polyamide, PVC, PMMA and several elastomeres, e.g. rubber, EPDM, viton among each other and with metals and ceramics
Strength class: high strength
Curing system: humidity
Viscosity: 200
Chemical type: alkocy-ethyl-cyanoacrylate
Final Strength: 20 hours
Fixture Time: 15 - 35 seconds

BEST-CA 422 is a one-component, solvent free cyanoacrylate adhesive based on alkoxy-ethyl-cyanoacrylate. 

BEST-CA 422 is the standard product for bonding of plastics, e.g. polyamide, PVC, PMMA, and various elastomeres, e.g. rubber, EPDM and viton amongst each other and with metals and ceramics. The product does not bloom and does not leave a white residue even on black materials. The product is also almost odourless. 

BEST-CA 422 is very fast cure. After full cure the adhesive is high strength and temperature resistant. 

BEST-CA 422 is ready-to-use and can be applied from the original container. 

BEST-CA 422 is applied spot-wise or bead like. Assemble parts by using short, firm pressure. Curing process starts within seconds. On most materials fixture time is reached within
15 to 35 seconds. 85 % of final cure is reached after 30 minutes, 100% after 20 hours. The rate of cure depends on the ambient relative humidity. A relative humidity of 40 to 60% will lead to best results. Lower values may delay cure. 

Bonding surfaces must be dry, free of dust and grease as well as other contaminants. Sand-blasting, grinding and staining bonding surfaces will enhance adhesion on bonding surfaces.


BEST-CA adhesives show good resistance to changing climatic conditions and chemical influences.

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