Best-MK 1812

low viscous, capillary, for subsequent bonding
Strength class: high strength
Curing system: anaerobic/lightcuring
Viscosity: 12
Chemical type: di-methacrylate-ester
Final Strength: 10 hours
Fixture Time: 5 - 15 minutes (anaerobic), 20 - 40 seconds (light)

BEST-MK 1812 is a one-component, solvent free, high strength and capillary anaerobic- and light- curing adhesive based on di-methacrylate-ester. In addition to the anaerobic curing method the product can also be cured very fast by exposure to light with a wave length of 400 to 500 nm.

BEST-MK 1812 is especially suitable for serial production and for applications recommending fixture time of only a few seconds. It is also recommended for the following fields of applications: -fastening of coaxial adherends, e. g. bushings, bearings and shaft-hub-connections
-sealing of gap sizes up to 0,05 mm in metal components
-securing and sealing of threaded connections with a thread sizes up to M5
-sealing of cast iron parts.
Due to its delayed cure the product is especially recommended for applications with the use of dosing units. In those applications excess adhesive can be cured by exposure to light with a wave length of 400 – 500 nm within seconds. Partial cure is reached instantly and allows fixing of the components and a production process without any delay for curing time. The adhesive not exposed to the light source cures anaerobically. Due to its capillary action the product is also suitable for subsequent application. Defective components can be repaired without the need for time consuming and cost-intensive disassembly.

BEST-MK 1812 combines high strength with very good chemical resistance. Due to the high strength of BEST-MK 1812 disassembly of threaded connections might not be possible without causing damage to screws or thread.

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