Best-MK 1222

for securing and sealing of screw and threaded connections
Strength class: medium strength
Viscosity: 200
Chemical type: di-methacrylate-ester
Final Strength: 12 hours
Fixture Time: 2 - 10 minutes

BEST-MK 1222 is a one-component, solvent-free, medium strength and low viscous anaerobic curing adhesive based on di-methacrylate-ester.

BEST-MK 1222 is the standard product for securing of threads. It is also recommended for sealing of thread connections, especially for hydraulics.

BEST-MK 1222 is of low viscosity and automatically spreads in the thread without leaking from the thread. Disassembly is possible with special tools without causing damage to the thread.

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