Best-Uvirapid 701

one-component, solvent free, low viscous UV-highspeed adhesive
Strength class: low strength
Curing system: UVA-light
Viscosity: 300
Chemical type: modified acrylate
Final Strength: 5 seconds
Fixture Time: 5 seconds

BEST-Uvirapid 701 is an innovative, one-component, solvent free and low viscous UV-high speed adhesive based on a modified acrylate-ester.

BEST-Uvirapid 701 features:

–      extremely fast cure
–      low energy
–      curing within seconds with our UV-LED-flashlight
–      in open application dry surface after cure

BEST-Uvirapid 701 cures by exposure to UVA-light with a wave length of 320-400 nm and is temperature and chemical resistant after cure. It is suitable for bonding of glass and translucent synthetic materials with and among each other as well as with metals, synthetic materials and elastomers. At least one of the adherends has to be permeable to UVA-light.

In open applications or castings the adhesives cures – contrary to regular radiation curing adhesives –  extremely fast and with dry surface.

BEST-Uvirapid 701 is suitable for the following fields of application:

–       casting of electronic components
–       fixating of components on PC boards
–       fixating of coil wire ends
–       sealing of soldering contacts in plug connectors and relays.
–       sealing of surfaces
–       coating of surfaces
–       casting and repair of scratches, gaps and blowholes
–       fixating of coils on ferrite cores
–       bonding of loud speakers
–       bonding of mobile phone casings
–       casting of switches
–    bonding of glass and translucent synthetics with and among each other and with metals, synthetics and elastomers.

Expensive UV-lamps are not necessary for curing BEST-Uvirapid 701. Our BEST- UV-LED-flashlight cures the products within seconds.

BEST-Uvirapid 701 combines high strength with good temperature and chemical resistance. Its low viscosity allows good distribution of the product on the adherends.

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