Best-MK 4423 joining – not classified –

for fastening of bearings, extremely fast cure, super high strength, temperature resistant, not classified
Strength class: high strength
Curing system: anaerobic
Viscosity: 200
Chemical type: di-methacrylate-ester
Final Strength: 12 hours
Fixture Time: 3 - 10 minutes

BEST-MK 4423 is a one-component, solvent free anaerobically curing adhesive based on di-methacrylate ester. It is of super high strength, low viscous and oil-tolerant. This product is a version of our approved joining BEST-MK 4422 and is not classified as dangerous according to regulation (EC) 1272/2008.

BEST-MK 4423 is especially suitable for fastening of coaxial adherends, e. g. bushings, bearings and shaft-hub-connections. Another field of applicaiton is the securing and sealing of threaded connections and –  in combination with the use of our activator BEST-Aktiv A – the joining of rubber with metal, metal with glass or ceramics with metal.

BEST-MK 4423 combines extremely high strength with very good temperature and chemical resistance. Even on not thoroughly cleaned joining surfaces BEST-MK 4423 features very high strength. Due to the achieved strength qualities of the product in threaded connections disassembly might cause damage to the screw or thread. Due to its low viscosity BEST-MK 4423 shows good capillary action and provides a good distribution on the adherends.

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