Best-KL 6006

for bonding of synthetic materials, for scratch resistant and flexible as well as temperature und chemical resistant casting of sensitive surfaces
Curing system: UVA-light
Viscosity: 200
Chemical type: modified epoxy resin
Final Strength: 24 hours
Fixture Time: 120 seconds

BEST-KL 6006 is a one-component, solvent free and low viscous UVA-light curing adhesive based on a modified epoxy resin.

BEST-KL 6006 is especially designed for bonding of synthetic materials and metals. It cures by exposure to UV-light with a wave length of 280-320nm. At least one of the bonding parts has to be permeable to UVA-light. The product is suitable for temperature and chemical resistant bonding of metals, synthetic materials and elastomers. In open applications the product features a dry surface after cure. It is also suitable for scratch resistant and flexible as well as chemical and temperature resistant casting of sensitive surfaces.

BEST-KL 6006 combines high strength with good temperature and chemical resistance. Its low viscosity allows a good distribution on the adherends. Due to its capillary action it is also suitable for subsequent application.

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