Best-QuickMix 801

two-component epoxy resin adhesive, fast cure, pot life: 10 minutes
Strength class: medium strength
Curing system: two-component
Viscosity: 12 000
Chemical type: formulated epoxy resin
Final Strength: 3 hours
Fixture Time: 5 - 10 minutes

BEST-QUICK MIX 801 is a 2-component all-purpose adhesive for bonding of a multitude of materials, e.g. various metals, ceramics, glass, wood, rubber, hard plastics as well as most commonly used materials. The product is of medium viscosity with good flow ability. It is tough-elastic with high tensile shear strength. 


Mix resin (A) and hardening agent (B) thoroughly  Mixture ratio: 1:1. Do not mix more adhesive than you can process within the pot life of 3 – 5 minutes!

Bonding surfaces should be clean, dry and free of grease. For cleaning we recommend our BEST-Clean 2000. We also offer our BEST-QuickMix in 50 ml- and 200 ml-double cartridges with static mixer.


When stored in unopened original container at 5°C up to 25°C shelf life is 12 months starting from delivery date.

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