Best-PL 5373 for bonding of plexiglass (PMMA)

low viscous, crystal clear curing adhesive preferably for bonding of acrylic glass (Plexiglass).
Curing system: UVA-light
Viscosity: 400
Chemical type: modified acrylate

BEST-PL 5373 is a one-component, solvent-free, low viscous and crystal clear curing adhesive based on a modified acrylic resin with excellent adhesion properties on several synthetic materials, especially for bonding of PMMA (Plexiglass). 

BEST-PL 5373 cures by UVA- and visible light with a wave length of 320 – 450 nm. After sufficient exposure the product cures completely. At least one of the adherends has to be permeable to UVA-light. Curing parameter depend on material thickness and absorption, adhesive layer thickness and absorption, type of lamp and the distance between light source and the adhesive film. 

BEST-PL 5373 is preferably used for crystal clear and strong bonding of Plexiglas. The product also features very good adhesion on PC, PA, rigid PVC and other thermosetting plastics. It is most suitable for smaller applications and end-to-end connections (displays, casings). When bonding larger areas shrinkage might cause the adhesive layer to tear and diminish the optical quality of the product. The flexibility of the product makes tension-equalising bonding of materials with different thermal expansion coefficients possible. 

BEST-PL 5373 is ready to use and can be applied directly from the original container or with suitable dosing units. Bonding surfaces should be dry and free of dust, grease and other contaminants. For cleaning we recommend our BEST-Clean 2000. Apply product on one of the bonding surfaces, assemble parts and expose. The curing mechanism allows an adjustment of parts shortly after application but before exposure.

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