BEST-UVA-lamp 1000W

BEST-UV-SPOTS – a series of high intensity UV-units, especially suitable for exposing of larger areas.

BEST-UVA-Spotsachieve very high uniformity and high intensity throughout the irradiation field. A seperate power supply unit controls the lamp. For multiple lamp systems the power supply units can be integrated into a single switch cabinet.

BEST-UVA-SPOT-400/T, -1000 and -2000 cure all  BEST-PL and BEST-KL-adhesives and are suitable for bonding of glass, synthetic materials, metals and for casting of electrical or electronic components.


supply voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz
power input: 1000 W
power: 6 A
starting current: 11 A
length: 397 mm
width: 304 mm
depth: 343 mm
weight lamp: approx. 11,0 kg
weight power supply: approx. 19,5 kg

UV-irradiation strength:
distance 20 cm: 60 mW / qcm
distance 50 cm:  25 mW / qcm

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