Best-Primer P

for pretreatment of glass and ceramic materials before bonding with BEST-PL adhesives

BEST-Primer P is a solvent containing primer for pretreatment of glass and ceramics before bonding with a BEST-PL adhesive (light curing adhesive based on acrylate). BEST-Primer P consists of 99% CFC/FC freed carrier agent and the actual pretreatment agent..

BEST-Primer P is an adhesion primer to be used in combination with all BEST-PL adhesives. It is suitable for the pretreatment of bonding surfaces made of glass or ceramic. Pretreatment with BEST-Primer P enhances strength and temperature and chemical resistance of the bonding. Values may vary and depend on the material to be bonded, the bonding gap and other conditions of the application. We recommend performance tests prior to use.

Apply BEST-Primer P on the bonding surface (brush, spray or dip). Allow product to dry off completely (5 – 10 minutes) before application of adhesive and assembly. Bonding process has to be completed within 24 hours after application of BEST-Primer P.

Fixture time of all BEST-PL adhesives is reached within 20 – 40 seconds after exposure of appropriate wave length and intensity.

Store in a cool, well ventilated place. Keep container tightly closed. Shelf life in unopened original container: 12 months (room temperature)

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