Best-MK 2336

for securing and sealing of threaded and pipe connections with passive and inactive surfaces even without the use of an activator
Strength class: high strength
Curing system: anaerobic
Viscosity: 5.000 thix
Chemical type: di-methacrylate-ester
Final Strength: 8 hours
Fixture Time: 2 - 6 minutes

BEST-MK 2336 is a one-component, solvent free, high strength and high viscous anaerobically curing adhesive based on di-mthacrylate ester. In addition to the fields of application listed below the product is also suitable for securing and sealing of passive and inactive surfaces without the need for use of an activator.

BEST-MK 2336 is especially suitable for fastening of coaxial adherends, e. g. bushing, bearings and shaft-hub-connections. Another field of application is the sealing of threaded and pipe connections.

BEST-MK 2336 is of high viscosity and automatically spreads in the thread without leaking from the thread. Disassembly is not possible without the possibility of causing damage to screw or thread.

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