for structural bonding of thermoplastics, thermosetting synthetic materials, aluminum, steel, cement, wood, glass.
Curing system: polyaddition
Viscosity: 50 000
Chemical type: polyurethane
Final Strength: 8 hours
Fixture Time: 5 minutes
Data Sheets:

BEST-PU 1505 is a two component, grey coloured, odourless, thixotropic polyurethane adhesive curing at room temperature, specially designed for structural bonding of a wide range of materials as thermosetting and thermoplastic materials, steel, aluminium, concrete, wood and glass.

Bonding time: 15 min
Mixing ratio by volume; 1:1
Colour: black
Appearance: Thixotropic
Hardness: 80D
Elongation: 15%
Tensile strength: 23 N/mm2
Shelf life: 12 months

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