New anaerobic products for inactive and passive surfaces!

posted: 25. February 2013

In the field of thread lockers and pipe sealings BEST-Klebstoffe has developed new products for a rapid cure even on inactive and passive surfaces. Inactive surfaces are e.g. synthetic materials, ceramics, glass, lacquer coatings on wood and elastomeres. Nickel, silver, gold, high-alloyed steel, zinc, oxide layers, anodic coatings and chromate layers are passive surfaces. Metal adhesives read more…

We are the biggest producer…

posted: 11. February 2013

… of anaerobic adhesives in Germany! According to the latest sales figures BEST-Klebstoffe GmbH & Co. KG is by far the biggest producer of anaerobic adhesives in Germany! FInd out more about BEST-MK anaerobic adhesives  

Anaerobic adhesives – innovative products – not classified!

posted: 10. January 2013

Your health and safety is one of our priorities…. …as it has been for over 15 years now since BEST-Klebstoffe was founded. BEST-Klebstoffe early on realized the importance of sustainability and put an emphasis on developing customer friendly and environmentally friendly products. As a result of constant research and development  most of our anaerobic adhesives – contrary read more…

BEST Klebstoffe goes China!

posted: 14. November 2012

德国BEST工业胶粘剂公司(Best Klebstoffe GmbH & Co. KG)是一家以技术和客户需求为导向的德国本土企业,位于德国巴伐利亚州慕尼黑郊外。 几十年来BEST公司不懈地追求完美的产品质量,坚持德国本土制造,强化全球的售后服务,从而赢得了众多亚洲、德国、欧洲世界五百强客户的信赖。 公司 CEO BEST先生亲自监管配方研发和胶粘剂生产环节,产品广泛地用于工业的各个领域,我们的技术几乎随处可见。 鄙社在大中华地区的合作伙伴会给您满意的服务和咨询: 南京前沿化工有限公司 联系人: 杨婕 电话: 025-87715897 Email: 上海胶韵化工科技(上海)有限公司 联系人:邵永成 电话: 021-67847680 手机: 18001863193 Email:  北京海卓博尔科技有限公司 联系人: 齐先生 电话: 010-58479551 Email: 广东高晖光电科技有限公司 联系人: 邓先生 电话: 18925371868 Email: 深圳利方达科技有限公司 联系人: 钱博士 电话: 0755-26066939 Email:

New BEST facilities!

posted: 22. October 2012

In 2012 BEST-Klebstoffe relocated. Welcome to our new facilities including administration and quality management departments.  

BEST-thread lockers – efficient and cost-effective!

posted: 18. June 2012

Threaded connections are the most important detachable connections in the fields of mechanical engineering, assembly and repair. Vibration and thermal expansion may loosen those threaded connections. BEST-thread lockers are a highly reliable and at the same time very cost-effective solution for this problem. BEST-thread lockers lock against vibration and thermal expansion and at the same read more…

New product BEST-PL 5373

posted: 12. August 2011

BEST-PL 5373 – for bonding of PMMA (plexiglass)! BEST-PL 5373 is a one-component, solvent-free, low viscous and crystal clear curing adhesive based on a modified acrylic resin with excellent adhesion properties on several synthetic materials, especially for bonding of PMMA (Plexiglas).  BEST-PL 5373 cures by UVA- and visible light with a wave length of 320 read more…

New product – BEST-Uvirapid

posted: 19. April 2011

Best-Uvirapid high speed adhesive – curable with UV-LED-flashlight! more product information