BEST-thread lockers – efficient and cost-effective!

Threaded connections are the most important detachable connections in the fields of mechanical engineering, assembly and repair. Vibration and thermal expansion may loosen those threaded connections. BEST-thread lockers are a highly reliable and at the same time very cost-effective solution for this problem. BEST-thread lockers lock against vibration and thermal expansion and at the same time seal the threaded connection against corrosion and media and prevent leakage.

Choose the right product
Strength class and viscosity of the products are defined by if and how the threaded connections have to be disassembled again. They are also defined by the grade of temperature and media resistance required for your application, pretreatment of the thread and the thread size to be fastened.

For best results the adhesive is applied on the precleaned and degreased thread. For cleaning we recommend our BEST-Clean 2000. Allow cleaning agent to dry off completely. BEST-MK metal adhesives cure even on slightly oily surfaces and without prior cleaning or pretreatment. Greasy residues on the thread might compromise or diminish the strength values of the thread locking product. Should prior cleaning with a cleaning agent not be possible or wanted simply remove any contaminants with pressed air and choose a thread lock of higher strength class to compensate the diminishing effect.

Apply BEST-MK thread locker on one of the bonding parts. For larger thread sizes and gaps we recommend application on both bonding parts.

Curing process of BEST-MK thread lockers starts as soon as the product is isolated from oxygen, e.g. when sealed between nut and bolt in a threaded connection, and upon contact with metal ions. Depending on material and product type curing time ranges from 3 – 12 hours when cured at room temperature. On passive materials and in applications with temperatures under 5°C we recommend our activating agent BEST-Aktiv A to ensure proper curing.

Disassembly – Repeat assembly
Assemblies fastened with BEST-MK thread lockers of low and medium strength can be disassembled with standard tools. In assemblies with high, temperature resistant and super high strength products parts should be heated up to 220°C and disassembled. Before repeating assembly process parts should be cleaned of adhesive residue with pressed air or a wire brush and degreased.

BEST-MK Thread lockers

BEST-MK 1122
low strength, low viscous, for thread sizes up to M 10 (e.g. grub screws) , easily detachable

BEST-MK 1131
low strength, medium viscous for all thread sizes, thixotropic, run resistant, easily detachable

BEST-MK 1222
medium strength, low viscous for threads up to M 10, detachable (e. g. in the event of repair  in mechanical and precision engineering)

BEST-MK 1226
medium strength, low viscous, for thread sizes up to M 20. Detachable, e. g. in the event of repair. Thixotropic with good lubricating effect

BEST-MK 1231
medium strength, medium viscous, for all thread sizes. Detachable, e. g. in the event of repair.
thixotropic, run resistant with good lubricating effect (PTFE added). The product provides a lubricating effect with the friction coefficient of an oiled screw.

BEST-MK 1312
high strength, capillary, for subsequent application. Also suitable for joining adherends.

BEST-MK 1325
high strength, low viscous, for thread sizes up to M 20. Suitable for threaded connections exposed to high mechanical, chemical and thermal load as well as for joining adherends. 

BEST-MK 1331
high strength, medium viscous, thixotropic (run resistant)
for applications where subsequent disassembly is not necessary

BEST-MK 1523
heat resistant (temperatures up to 220 °C), low viscous, for thread sizes up to M 20
fields of application: engine construction, drying cabinets, for joining of adherends

BEST-MK 1531
heat resistant (temperatures up to 220°C), medium viscous, for all thread sizes
fields of application: engine construction, drying cabinets, for joining of adherends

BEST-MK thread lockers may dissolve lacquer or paint coatings. We recommend performance  tests prior to use! Under the influence of oxygen the product remains liquid, remains can be wiped off easily! Do not return excess product to container to avoid contamination and curing inside the container. Protect product from exposure to heat and sunlight.

For more information regarding health and safety please see corresponding Material Safety Data Sheets!