Best-KL 6059

for bonding of synthetic materials and metals, casting of electronic components, sealing of soldering contacts
Curing system: UVA-light
Viscosity: 200
Chemical type: modified epoxy resin
Final Strength: 24 hours
Fixture Time: 120 seconds

BEST-KL 6059 is a one-component, solvent free and low viscous UVA-light curing adhesive based on a modified epoxy resin.

BEST-KL 6059 is for bonding of glass with synthetic materials and metals. It cures by exposure to UVA-light with a wave length of 280 – 320 nm. At least one of the adherends has to be permeable to UVA-light. It is temperature- and chemical resistant after cure and is suitable for the bonding of metals, synthetic materials and elastomers. The product features a dry surface after cure and is therefore predestined for the casting of components in the field of electronics and for the sealing of soldering contacts in relays and plug connectors

BEST-KL 6059 combines high strength with good temperature and chemical resistance. Its low viscosity allows a good distribution on the adherends. The product features slight “dark cure” properties: the adhesive will further cure in the dark but to a lesser extent.


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