Best-MK 2535

High viscosity product recommended especially for pipe threads exposed to heat
Curing system: anaerobic
Viscosity: 4.000 thix
Chemical type: Di-Methacrylatester
Final Strength: 24 Stunden
Fixture Time: 5 - 15 Minuten

BEST-MK 2535 is a one component, solvent free, high strength anaerobic curing adhesive based on Dimethacrylate ester. The viscosity is high.

BEST-MK 2535 is recommended for locking and sealing of pipe- and screw joints and especially for pipe threads exposed to heat.

BEST-MK 2535 combines high strength with excellent heat and chemical resistance. The “breakloose” moment with threaded fasteners is extremely high and could cause the fastener to break or damage the thread if removed. The high viscosity provides a good adhesive dispersion on the surfaces to be bonded.

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