activator for BEST-CA adhesives, for fast curing on passive surfaces

BEST-Aktiv C is a solvent containing activating agent for the pre-treatment of bonding surfaces. It accelerates curing of BEST-CA products. Aktiv C consists of 99% CFC/FC free carrier agent and the actual activating agent.

BEST-Aktiv C is an activator for the use in combination with all BEST- CA-adhesives. It is used for pretreatment of bonding surfaces whenever fast cure of BEST-CA adhesives is delayed or compromised, e.g. in applications with large bonding gaps, porous and hard-to-bond surfaces, in open applications, on inactive surfaces, etc.

Apply or spray on one of the surfaces to be bonded, preferably on the surface difficult-to-bond. Allow product to dry off completely (2 minutes) before applying bonding agent on the other surface and assembling. In some exceptional cases pretreatment of both bonding surfaces is possible. For open applications or to cure excess adhesive around the edges a subsequent application of BEST-Aktiv C on the bonding agent is possible. Dispense product sparingly because otherwise overreaction (foaming) of the activator might be initiated. High viscous product types, e. g. BEST-CA 233 and BEST-CA 244 are more suitable for subsequent application on bonding films. We recommend application tests on lacquered surfaces and thermoplastic synthetics prior to use.

 Available in units of 200 ml (aerosol) or 1000 ml / 5000 ml.

Store in a cool, well ventilated place. Keep container tightly closed. Shelf life in unopened original container: 12 months

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