Best-BEST-MS01 MS Polymer

Universal filling und joint sealing compound
Chemical type: MS Polymer

BEST-MS01 is a high quality, one component MS-polymer-based adhesive and sealant.


  • Permanently elastic adhesive of high consistency
  • Bonding and sealing application for interior and outside work, in the building and construction industry
  • Ability to be overpainted with dispersion paint (with the use of alkyd resin based paints a longer drying time is required.
  • No contamination of edges (suitable for natural stone)
  • No shrinkage
  • Free of isocyanates, solvents, phtalate and silicone
  • Fast curing
  • UV-, weather-, salt water-, moisture and chlorine resistant, prevents fungal growth
  • Excellent adhesion to many surfaces, in most cases without requiring the use of a primer (prior tests on porous surfaces are required)
  • Neutral, odourless material
  • Wet-on-wet-paintable
  • Sandability (after curing)


  • Universal filling und joint sealing compound, suitable for connection joints, welds, gaps, cracks and unevenness (no expansion joints) in the construction and industrial area
  • Sealing compound for ship deck welds, vehicle body and metal joints
  • Bonding and sealing adhesive (can endure vibrations)
  • High quality sealing compound for glazings, especially for burglar-proof glazing systems
  • Universal, water resistant mounting and construction adhesive for the bonding of stone (non porous), concrete, mirrors, natural stone, gypsum, polycarbonate, PSPU, PVC, different plastics, ceramic tiles, enamel, copper, lead, zinc, aluminium, stainless steel, wood, glass, etc.
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