New anaerobic products for inactive and passive surfaces!

In the field of thread lockers and pipe sealings BEST-Klebstoffe has developed new products for a rapid cure even on inactive and passive surfaces.

Inactive surfaces are e.g. synthetic materials, ceramics, glass, lacquer coatings on wood and elastomeres.

Nickel, silver, gold, high-alloyed steel, zinc, oxide layers, anodic coatings and chromate layers are passive surfaces.

Metal adhesives applied on inactive surfaces do not fully cure within 24 hours. Activators, preferably our BEST-Aktiv A, accelerate this curing process.

On passive surfaces full cure of metal adhesives is reached within 24 hours, but only delayed.

The BEST-solution – our new anaerobic adhesives!

They reach full cure on passive surfaces even without the use of an activator.

On inactive surfaces they reach delayed but full cure without the use of an activator.

The following types are available:

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