Best-Rust Remover with MoS2

lubricant and contact agent, loosens corroded bolts and nuts

BEST-Rust Remover with MoS2 is a lubricant and contact agent. Fields of application are maintenance, repair, service and production.


  • based on mineral oil, isoparaffinic hydrocarbon mixture and corrosion protection inhibitors
  • lubricant and contact agent
  • fast action on highly corroded joints

FIelds of application

BEST-Rust Remover features high capillary action and excellent creep properties and is therefore predestined for the following fields of application:.

  • loosens corroded joints and screw connections, e. g. screws, bolts and nuts
  • protects against corrosion, lubricates sliding surfaces, eliminates squeaking and creaking
  • removes water from ignition contacts and electric wires
  • ensures contact on distributor caps
  • cleans and maintains break linkages, bowden cables, chains of all types and ensures their readiness for operation

Directions for use
Shake container thoroughly before use  (approx. 2 Min) and wet parts to be treated. Treated parts can be loosened a few minutes after application.

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